How to keep your summer glow alive!

As the summer season winds down, many of my clients and friends have asked me how to keep their summer glow alive. While I have my own personal favorites — including continuing to treat myself to an evening meditation by my front fountain because that makes me happy (and thus glow!)

Do something good for your mind and body each day.

This differs for each person. For some, it’s reading the newspaper every morning with a cup of green tea; for others, it’s all about taking their favorite yoga or Pilates class. Whatever healthy activity makes you happy and allows you to spend time on yourself makes you shine, keep it up.

Keep exfoliating.

Summer can dry our skin, but skin still accumulates dead skin cells that need to be sloughed off. Exfoliation removes dead, dulling skin debris to prevent congestion and improve hydration from your moisturizer and sunscreen. Try a lighter, gentler exfoliator during these hot and humid days. There are some great ones on the market, but my personal favorites are home remedies. I alternate between one made of a handful of oatmeal and milk and another made of equal parts kitchen flour and yogurt.

Drink plenty of water.

Need we say more? And in glass bottles, instead of that un-eco plastic, please. I know it can be hard to think about continuing to drink water as the season winds down, but — like sunscreen — water is one of those “can’t live without” daily essentials that keep us hydrated and healthy.

Engage in stress-relieving activities.

I try not to think about my autumn workload and daily life stressors until after Labor Day. I really try to treat myself to one very non-stressful event every day, and if I have to skip a day, then I sit quietly for five minutes and visualize myself doing it. For me, this means spending five extra minutes snuggling with my kids. Three of my girlfriends swear by their morning Pilates session. Another friend it is all about reading her favorite book, even if only for 10 minutes at a clip.

Get your shut-eye.

In any season, I am challenged to get my suggested eight to nine hours of sleep. I personally make it a habit to go to bed by 10 p.m. each night, but it’s not about the time you go to bed, according to sleep experts, as much as it about setting a regular bedtime and sticking to it.

Boost up your vitamin D.

Get your vitamin D from anything but the sun. Dermatologist Zoe D. Draelos, M.D., consulting professor at Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, N.C., recommends getting vitamin D from a healthy diet, which includes naturally enriched vitamin D foods, fortified foods and beverages, and/or vitamin supplements. These are all healthier alternatives to the sun because they provide the same benefit without the skin cancer risk that overexposure to the sun can cause.