Instructor Bios



Peter DeGuzman

Pilates Instructor and Choreographer

Peter is a certified Body Arts and Science Institute (BASI)Pilates trainer. He found Pilates by way of needing an exercise system that would both strengthen and stretch his muscles.

As a dancer, Peter had experienced some setbacks including a back injury. He was immediately referred to Pilates as a form of rehabilitation and his body greatly benefited from the Pilates emphasis of stretching and strengthening. His core abdominal muscles grew stronger to support his posture and his back pain was subsequently relieved.

Peter has been drawn to Pilates for its movement principles of proper musculoskeletal alignment and placement, proper muscle recruitment for specific exercises, and most of all movement precision and efficiency.

He loves how in one session of Pilates the entire body is addressed so that you feel completely worked out and balanced.

Pilates for men with Peter DeGuzman

Pilates was made by a man, Mr. Joseph Pilates, and in its early days was applied to rehabilitate soldiers injured from World War 1.

Peter believes the method is perfect for men because it targets muscles that have been neglected from stretching or have been overdeveloped and tightened.

Through his Pilates experience Peter understands the common muscular weaknesses and limitations that most men must deal with and how the Pilates method can be applied to achieve one’s utmost flexibility and strength.

Peter has experience training seniors both men and women, athletes, dancers, and teens along with clients with conditions of diabetes, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and stenosis.

His experience with a wide scope of age groups and different conditions has sharpened his skills at choosing proper exercise programs.

He is a graduate of the Mentor Program with BASI Pilates under its founder Rael Isacowitz. He received a full scholarship and was the first ever recipient of the Kathy Grant Scholarship for the master course. Peter also teaches dance at Santa Monica Community College.



paleyoRoseann Pelayo

Certified Pilates Trainer, PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher

Roseann Pelayo is a petite Filipina with a big sense of humor who keeps her students laughing, even through a sweat-inducing 30-second plank position.

Roseann is a “mover” – in addition to teaching Pilates, she’s also a dancer, choreographer and certified massage therapist. She became interested in Pilates after a friend helped correct her posture during a dance class. It made a huge difference and it inspired her to learn more about the exercise technique.

Roseann has dedicated herself to helping others also live healthier lives. Her clients have inspired her to become a better teacher: after seeing so many people with back pains from hours of sitting at a desk, she wanted to find other ways to help them. It’s the reason she decided to become a certified massage therapist.

Roseann Pelayo on why I teach Pilates

I got interested because one person made a big difference in how I felt inside … I wanted to give that back to another person. She typically modifies the movements for each individual based on their abilities or injuries, and makes sure every move counts and that they’re done right. For the reformer, she always assesses first-time users’ familiarity with Pilates. It’s a good idea to take a few one-on-one lessons to make sure you really understand how to make your body work in correct alignment, regardless of your skill level, she says.

Roseann is a Certified Pilates Trainer with the Pilates Method Alliance. She is certified to train Pre-natal, Post-natal clients, dancers, teens and anyone willing to work hard in Pilates. Roseann is certified to train clients on the Mat, Reformer, Jump Board, Wunda Chair, Core Align, Red Cord and the Cadillac/Trapeze Table.

Roseann is a Franklin Method trained provider along with being a Fletcher Pilates Certified trainer in Towel Work, Barre and Floor. Roseann is also a Scolio-Pilates®  Practitioner. She is a Certified Massage Therapist and available for massage appointments.