Cancellation Policy

There is an 12 hour cancellation policy for all classes and private appointments.

When you cancel prior to this 12 hour window you retain the class or appointment in your package.

There are NO EXCEPTIONS. We understand that things come up – classes, sick kids, appointments, work issues. 

Please do not put us in the position of having to judge whether an excuse is “worthy.”

To cancel a class: 

 In order for us to offer you the best instructors and the best service, @Pilates has to remain strict on the cancellation policy.

We always try to do our best for you and this is the one area where we ask our customers to commit to us.
The cancellation policy is a GENEROUS 12 hours!

Late Cancellation

Package clients, single class purchasers & Privates/Semi-Privates. If you cancel your class within 12 hours, that class will still count as used and it will be DELETED from your package. If you No-Show for your class, the same rule applies.

We hear yours and here’s our “excuses!” 

  • You’re taking the space of someone who really wants to come in but you have the appointment booked leaving them out in the cold.
  • You’re leaving the trainer with no way to book the hour your booked, no client = no pay for our instructors.
  • The most important!!! It will make you think twice about your health if you cannot cancel at whims notice! We want you to come in, we want to see your lovely faces in our studio, you will feel better, walk taller, and walk out after your session with a bounce in your step ready to tackle your day!!

We always try to do our best for you and this is the one area where we ask our customers to commit to us.

Terms & Conditions

CLIENTS must schedule and/or cancel their appointments via the Mind Body online Scheduler.

You will find the link at the top of this page.

We will not accept cancellations over the phone or by email, as we do not have a receptionist and do not answer the phone/email during classes or private sessions. We will check for messages as time permits.

Any client requesting a recurring regular time slot is liable for the payment of that slot until such time as signed notice is given to relinquish this time slot.


Clients are requested to wear clothing that is free from any zips (e.g. cycling tops/shorts that have zips at the back), as these can tear the leather on our equipment. Fitted bottoms for men and women are the most appropriate clothing for Pilates, consider modesty please

We have a SOCK-ON policy here @Pilates. If you are taking a private session or a Jump-board class, please wear clean, well-fitting socks.