Pilates Rates

1st Time Introductory Private Session – $35.00
A savings of $45.00 off 1 Private Session! (can be used 1 time)

Private Sessions:

50 Minutes-Private one-on-one Pilates sessions are customized by your trainer, specifically to meet your needs and guide you to reaching your goals. Whether you are looking to, add muscle, improve your health and feel better or a sport specific goal, a one on one Pilates program will assure your success.

All are welcome to schedule privates, it is truly the ideal way to fully achieve solid results with Pilates.

Each Total
Single Private $80
4 Series – Private $75 $300
8 Series – Private $70 $560
Contract – Private $60 $960


Semi-Private Sessions / Drop in Classes:

50 Minutes-Semi Private Pilates sessions offer the next best thing to a private session. The structure of the class and the equipment mirror a private session but you share the instructor with one other person of your choosing, please plan to partner with someone.


Each Total
Pay as you go $45
5 Series $45 $225
10 Series $40 $400
20 Series $35 $700

We offer Private and Semi-Private Sessions throughout the day, check the schedule for appointments or call 818-900-8465

Introductory Series – 3 Private Sessions for $135.00

*one time purchase for new clients*

Contract Details:

4 Month Contract with 4 private sessions per month (Total: 16 Sessions)

$240 a month